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The Southern Arizona Arts Guild (SAAG) was founded in March 2002. We are comprised of artists in the Tucson area who wish to come together to exchange ideas, get to know one another, and support each other in our artistic endeavors.

We are fortunate to live in a very interesting corner of Arizona...rich in history and natural beauty. While we celebrate that beauty in our work, we find this arts-friendly community conducive to our muses...as well as the awe-inspiring weather, land, and variety of people living here.

At SAAG we talk about what it is to be an artist. We share information and demonstrate techniques. Creating art - a satisfying and joyful pursuit - can often involve long quiet hours of solitude; is it any wonder that artists find in SAAG a respite, a community within our community?

The Guild strives to provide a forum for the appreciation and advancement of the Arts. Members of SAAG meet and socialize to facilitate the practice, improvement, and displaying of our talents. Composed of painters, sculptors, and creators of all manner of fine arts. SAAG welcomes artists seasoned and new, as well as those individuals interested in the perpetuation of the Arts in our community at large.

We are eager to have you join us at our monthly meetings; you are welcome to listen and watch and become involved with us as we work, play, share our lives, and attempt to solve the problems particular to our chosen artistic paths in life.

Board Members 2015-2016
President: Mary Hayworth
First Vice Presidents/Membership: Susan Adler and Diane Loving 
Second Vice President Programs: Al Tucci
Treasurer: Marda Johnson
Recording Secretary: Theresa Talley
Corresponding Secretary: Virginia Carroll
Immediate Past President: Gene Nault

Committee Chairpersons
Artist of the Month: Virginia Carroll and Gene Nault
Critique Committee: Lois McDonald and George Shivley
Exhibitions: Jo Ann Daly and Lorrie Parsell
Facebook: Mary Hayworth
Newsletter Committee: Karen Palmer
Property Committee: Jan Mayer
Raffle: Laura Stafford and Mary Kay Kelley
SAAG Gallery and Holidazzle Committee: Anne Tuuri
Website: Rich Foster

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